SCM Construction proudly offers frameless pool fencing in Malvern, Parkdale, Moorabbin, Camberwell and other suburbs in Melbourne’s east and south-east suburbs. A stylish frameless glass fence can add another element to the overall look of your pool area. It becomes a seamless division between the interior and exterior of your home while also complying with local pool fencing regulations.

Our frameless pool fencing options are designed to withstand the elements, as they’re all made from 12mm glass that complies with Australian standards. Choose from clear, textured and tinted options to suit your premises.

Why Choose Us?

SCM Construction offers a wide range of frameless pool fence and gate options, including glass panels, gate closers, latches, mini posts and more to accommodate the differing applications and tastes of our clients. Having a fence with a good quality pool gate is important for the successful operation of any frameless pool fencing system. If the gate doesn’t completely close every time, the fence is then a liability that’s both illegal and unsafe.

Our frameless glass pool fencing systems are made to meet Australian pool fencing regulations while also being a stunning addition to your home. Our experienced team are here to help you find a frameless glass pool fencing solution that will work best with your property.

Find the Right Frameless Glass Fence Today

If you’ve been searching for a company that can design and install frameless pool fencing around Malvern, Beaumaris, Cheltenham, Camberwell and elsewhere in Melbourne’s eastern or south-eastern suburbs, contact us today. Call us on 0413 050 289 or send an email to to learn more about our services.